To you, the american guy…

It happened this morning (april, the 4th) around 7:40.

I saw you taking a picture of me because of your reflect on the glass. I got angry but you showed me your phone : you had only taken in picture my bag to send it to one of your friend. You were very kind and beautiful.

It happened on the line 7, between ‘Les Gobelins’ and ‘Place D’Italie’.

I am rather tall and i have got brown hair. You are american, from Boston if i remember well. I want to get to know you, I hope that by any chance you pass through there.

The girl with the ‘New Yorker’ bag…

Une annonce publiée par une juliette pour un homme le jeudi 4 avril pour une rencontre faite le 4 avril 2013 sur le Métro 7 à Place d'Italie.